The Brain web-services deliver

  • Relevant information

    Your application does not have to handle massive amounts of raw signal data. You’ll just receive the information you need.

  • Fast implementations

    There is no need to have a deep understanding of UHF RFID or Bluetooth Low Energy protocols. Just connect to the web services.

  • Focus on the end-user

    You can focus on adding value to your application and the end-user.

Powerful services to build applications in less time

Services run on the Brain as well as on the Smartspots.

Adding value to the data.

The Brain web services have a ‘global’ scope and contain information of all spots in the network.

Brain services can be accessed by the Brain API.

Spot services have a ‘local’ scope limited to the specific spot.

Spot services run directly and autonomously on the Spot and can be accessed through the Brain.

Presence & proximity

Provides actual information on the presence of an item and its proximity.

  • Indicates whether an item is currently present or has been present in the hot spot area
  • Provides a proximity indication to the center of the hot spot.
  • Provides time stamps on the first moment of presence as well as the last update.

Bluetooth LE support

Spots will detect presences based on Bluetooth Low Energy beacons. These presences will appear transparently on the presence service on the Brain API.

Sense & control

Sense&Control is a rule based service that runs ‘autonomous’ on a spot. This allows third parties to bring their own advanced logical functions on the spots.

With this enhanced rule based engine users can easily deploy logical behavior on a spot based on internal and external ‘sense’ events and ‘control’ events.

Some examples:

  • Activate an external output to open a door if the new present item is on a white list.
  • Add the nearest item to an internal list and activate the internal beeper for confirmation.
  • If an item that becomes present is part of a list then activate a beeper.
  • If the current presences list does not contain item X, activate an event.

Passing direction detection

If something or somebody moves along a (dual or triple antenna) spot, the system triggers a ‘passing’ event.

This event includes the ‘passing direction’ with a time stamp and accuracy level.

Track & trace

Provides a time schedule of locations where a particular item has been present.

This includes time stamps of the first moment of presence and the last moment of presence.