A unique combination of patent pending technologies

to make life easier for you


Packed with state-of-the-art technologies including RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy and iBeacon.

Supporting passive and active tags including Bluetooth LE Smartphones.


Substituting complexity by simplicity.

Automatic configuration and auto-tuning means installation and integration in a minute.


Pure, distinctive and energy efficient.

Focusing on the core functions and eliminating what you don’t need.

Smartspots come in 5 variants to suit different needs

They all are

High performance

Smartspots have great identification and localization performance due to enhanced antenna technology.

Uniquely combining Bluetooth LE,  UHF RFID and Wi-Fi to create powerful cross technology services and maximize flexibility.

Easy to mount

A design that fits the tone of the environment. Whether in offices, hospitals or industrial locations.

Multiple form factors to easily fit as a standard ceiling tile or on a wall box.

If you can mount a bulb, then you can mount a Smartspot.

Smartspot Tile – pure white


No need for new wires.

Smartspots only need power and IP and can be connected by a single Power over Ethernet cable.

Or just plug 110-230V AC or 6-15V DC and work wirelessly over Wi-Fi.


Smartspots are designed to be low energy.

With an estimated typical power consumption of 6W (*) and peak power of 12W (**) they save the environment and your energy bill.

* In cluster operation with 4 spots per cluster | ** incl. Wi-Fi

Specifications / Datasheets

Smartspot Tile
Smartspot Focus
Smartspot Multi-8
Smartspot Multi-16