tracking and tracing of airplane parts

“Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) is the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) arm of Air France KLM, one of the top five airlines in the world. The MRO unit supports 1,500 airplanes operated by 150 airline customers, and its 300 facilities worldwide remove parts from those planes, repair or refurbish them, or provide scheduled maintenance. Tracking all of the parts is a logistical challenge, but the company has deployed an RFID system to automate the process and cut costs.”

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The challenges

  • How to cut packaging and operational costs?
  • How to track spare parts and trace them through the MRO-chain?
  • How to improve the efficiency of the logistic process ?

The solution

Using passive RainRFID technology the identification of packages and carriers is done in every step of the logistic chain. From the packing manufacturer Nefab, through various stages in the warehouse, to the hangars at the airport. 

The Intellifi identification and localization solution feeds the Warehouse Management Software of Scoretrace. The cloud based system collects item information from various locations and allows users to work from all over the world.

Key results & benefits

  • Improved quality level due to high accuracy of actual locations.
  • Reduced searching costs and reduction of missing items due to real-time insight.
  • Efficiency increase throughout the whole logistic chain.

Jos de Kleine – KLM E&M: “The system gives workers all the information included on the paperwork, which eventually gave us quicker processes and thus savings.”