Tool tracking at Goodyear

Goodyear is a large company that needs a lot of different tools during manufacturing. These tools are stored in a specific place or they are used for the manufacturing of products. Goodyear has to deal with the issue of not knowing where tools are, because these tools are “wandering” around somewhere in the manufacturing process or they are not stored in the right place. With the Intellifi identification and localization technology, this issue is solved.

The challenges

  • How to create a clear overview of where all the tools are?
  • How to track the tools?
  • How to cut costs in the manufacturing process?

The solution

By using Smartspots, the tracking system can be installed in an instant. Large Smartspots are used in large areas, micro spots are installed above the pallet shelfs and Tags are placed on the document holders of the tools.

The solution will make sure that there is no confusion about the identification of the tools and where they are.

Key results & benefits

  • Efficiency increase of the manufacturing process, because tools can be found faster.
  • Reduced searching costs and reduction of missing tools due to real-time insight.