speed zoning for forklifts

One of the key performance indicators (kpi) of warehouses is the operational efficiency. Another important kpi is the number of safety and health related incidents.

A warehouse manager focussing on operational efficiency tends to have forklifts drive at maximum speed through the warehouse. For obvious reasons the warehouse safety managers wants to limit the maximum speeds of forklifts in order to reduce the risk and impact of incidents.

This traditional clash of interests can be easily solved by deploying forklifts using the Intellifi speed zoning technology.

As a bonus the system allows for heat-mapping of most frequently used routes in the warehouse. And the system also allows to limit the truck’s maximum speed once in range of a nearby visitor.

The challenges

  • How to improve operational efficiency without compromising safety on the floor?
  • How to limit the risk of incidents with visitors?
  • How to get live location and route information of forklifts?

The solution

By using an Intellifi Smartspot on forklifts and location beacons through the warehouse, forklifts know in real-time where they are. The assistance system will maintain or removed the speed limitation based on the actual location of the truck. 

The warehouse manager defines the desired low speed and high speed zones on the floorplan of the warehouse. The Intellifi location transponders act as beacons to demarcate the defined zones on the warehouse floor.

Additional speed limitation zones can be added on the fly. Just as checks on lift position close to dock doors.

Key results & benefits

  • Improve safety by reducing the risk and impact of health related incidents
  • Increase operational efficiency by enabling higher average cruising speeds of fork lifts.
  • Benefit from location data and routes used.

Don’t comprise. You can increase operational efficiency and reduce the risk of safety incidents.