inventory of medical disposables

A lot of hospitals are struggling with their logistics of medical disposables. This includes the processes of managing stock inventory, the supply chain, the replenishment and the control of expiry dates.

In a lot of situations storage of medical disposables is distributed over various rooms throughout the hospital. Manual logistic processes may result in high costs for manual inventory management, waste of expired products and a high risk to run into an empty shelf.

Enabling RFID based automated inventories brings major improvements to the logistic organisation. For example by using Intellifi identification and localization technology, an inventory of the items can be automatically created and orders to restock the rooms with the right medicines can be automatically placed.

The challenges

  • How to increase stock accuracy and reduce urgent replenishment requests?
  • How to reduce total costs associated to logistics of disposables?
  • How to increase staff efficiency?
  • How to control the shelf life of the items?

The solution

By using Intellifi Smartspots, the automatic inventory system can be installed in an instant in rooms or in cabinets. Using RFID labels attached to the items or to the bins, the inventory of items is fully automated. Partner software allows for automated replenishment orders and forecasts to the supply chain.

Key results & benefits

  • No manual stock taking process but real-time insight in stock levels per room.
  • Increase of staff efficiency by automating the supply chain.
  • Reduce waste due to expired products.

An easy way to improve staff efficiency,  stock accuracy and reduce costs.