inventory and tracking medical assets

A lot of hospitals have to deal with indistinctness about where medical assets like beds, IV- and blood pumps are. This takes a lot of extra search time when there is an emergency case for example. Using Intellifi identification and localization technology, an inventory of the assets can be easily created and made available. This gives information about where the medical assets are, how many there are and what the planning is of where these assets have to go.

The challenges

    • How to create a clear overview of where the medical assets are and how many there are in the hospital?
    • How to make effective use of the available medical assets?

The solution

By using Smartspots, an inventory system can be realized in an instant. Using RFID labels attached to the medical assets, the inventory and planning of the assets is clear and easy to use.

The solution will make sure that there is no confusion about where the assets are or how many items there are in a specific department of the hospital.

Key results & benefits

  • Information can be seen on screen for planning of the use or maintenance of the assets.
  • Medical assets can be in the right place sooner, so the efficiency will be higher.