Customer interaction and events

At the Facebook F8 developer conference, a big event, the Intellifi identification and localization technology has been used for several purposes which all have to do with customer interaction and information gathering. The reason this is done is to provide more feedback for the participants as well as the organisation to make sure things are going as planned and to get insight in the preferences of the participants.

The challenges

  • How to provide participants with the right information for them during their day at an event?
  • How to gather information about the preferences of participants and about the participants themselves?
  • How to make sure that the event proceeds as planned?

The solution

By using Smartspots, a lot of information and feedback can be gathered and given. Participants all get a badge with a tag which contains the participant’s information and, for example, information about which presentations the participant is subscribed. The Smartspots are placed at entries, above queues and on-the-fly to give feedback to the organisation and the participants of the event.

The solution will make sure that participants know where to go and what their event planning is without having to ask around. The organisation will be provided with information about the participants and their preferences. For example, one stand gets a lot more visitors than another.

Key results & benefits

  • Information about the preferences of participants is easily gathered
  • Smartspots are added on-the-fly to provide personal feedback to the participants