The people at Intellifi

We are a group of people that is passionate about making complex technology simple. Our goal is to create accessible identification and localization services in order to smarten up your business and make it more efficient.

Back in 2011 we started developing a new approach for indoor localization and identification that we call the Intellifi concept. This is the base for all the products we make and we have a very sharp focus on ease of use, low cost investments and simplicity. This is our golden rule to make it easy for you to benefit from this technology.

Our mission at Intellifi is to make indoor localization and identification products easy and affordable. By doing so we hope to create a better environment for you, your customers and all the people involved. Read all about them.

Matthijs van der Weg, CEO

Matthijs is interested in (too) many things; people, technology, business and sports. As an educated electronical engineer and business economist he has been working in (international) product management, business development and general management roles in various industries.

His passion for using innovation to create a better society is one of the drivers to found Intellifi.With his family and friends in his spare time Matthijs is enjoying windsurfing on the local lake, crossing the Alps on his MTB and carving some nice tracks on a groomed snow slope.

Reinier Gerritsen, CTO

Reinier is a rare kind of an engineer. He has been working on electronics, wireless sensor networks, embedded systems and passive and active rfid technology for over 20 years now. Sometimes called Prof. Apex by intimates.

Graduated on Eindhoven University of Technology and formed by the Philips Natlab, Reinier has unstoppable creativity to make smarter things. Whether applied in worldclass sports timing systems or to make ‘identification and localization easy and affordable’, his approach breaks through supposed traditional rules.

Reinier is a passionate ice skater, road race biker and catching up with speed surfing. In the evening he loves to play piano and during the day he doesn’t stop to provide a lighter note.

Simon Koudijs, Software Engineering

With a bachelor in Electrical & Embedded System Engineering, Simon has gone all the way up from electronics to embedded software to web based applications. Simon is working on the software architecture, the web Apps and the link to the Intellifi Brain. His vision is driving our initiative supporting the eco system of the Programmable Web and the Web of Things.

Simon is a perfectionist who does not rest before things really work well and keep on working well under all circumstances. He is also trying out and experimenting with various new ‘things’ and gadgets. Every day Simon cycling quite some distance through the forest on a folding bike to reach the nearest train station. At Sunday he plays the organ in church of Zeist.

Dennis Kool, Software Engineering

Dennis is driven by making software smarter and keeping it secure. Currently he finishing his bachelor degree in Embedded Systems Engineering. Next to his work with Intellifi, Dennis plays guitar and is learning Spanish when he’s travelling to and from the office by train.

Kevin van der Kamp, Software Engineer

Brilliant students often don’t finish their study… Still at Delft University studying Computer Science Kevin has a hard time to share his attention. Kevin has been programming computers and related stuff since his fingers can type. At Intellifi he is contributing to the development of the open LiFi interface and the internal system interfaces to the Rfid reader-, Bluetooth- and Ethernet-components.

Next to his study and his work for Intellifi Kevin is doing some photography and playing Guitar. In the remaining time he loves to play Ingress; The Game.

Frank de Ruiter, Software Engineer

Frank has over 10 years experience in web-based software development. He’s always on top of new trends and being the first to get experience with it. Frank’s focus is on making the Brain  the most convenient service for localisation and identification.

Next to playing the piano, Frank is a passionate Ingress player.