Smart Forklift Safety at Valeo

Valeo Services, which is based in the south of the Netherlands and has been crowned as the safest warehouse in the Netherlands, uses an Intellifi Smart Forklift Safety control unit on its forklifts. Special zone-based speed limits are implemented and ‘open’ areas are optimized for warehouse efficiency. Valeo Services supplies automotive parts to car workshops.

The Challenge for Valeo

  • How can operational efficiency be improved without compromising work floor safety?
  • How can the risk of incidents involving visitors be reduced?
  • How can live location and route information be obtained for forklifts?

The Solution

A real-time insight into the location of forklifts can be obtained using an Intellifi Smart forklift Safety module in combination with location beacons throughout the warehouse. The support system retains or lifts the speed restriction based on the truck’s actual location.
The warehouse manager can define low speed and high speed zones on the warehouse floor plan.

Key results and benefits

  • Improved safety by reducing the risk and consequences of health-related incidents
  • Increased operational efficiency by enabling higher average cruising speeds for fork lifts.
  • Benefit from location data and routes used.


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