Inventory management – the smart way

The newly built AZ Alma hospital in Eeklo offered the opportunity to take inventory management to the next level. Our partner mattteo offered high quality cabinets, software solutions in combination with Intellifi platform, to create high benefits in disposable management.

The Challenge of AZ Alma Hospital

  • How can one improve inventory accuracy and reduce urgent replenishment requests?
  • How can total costs associated with transporting disposables be reduced?
  • How can staff efficiency be improved?
  • How to control the shelf life of the items?

Our Partner

mattteo was specifically founded to improve and optimize logistics in the healthcare sector. They have developed a unique solution which combines a fully equipped modular storage and transport system with a real-time RFID tracing system. This means mattteo can store, transport, monitor and manage products in all departments of hospitals and care institutions.

The Solution

Intellifi Smartspots make it possible to quickly install automatic inventory systems in rooms and cabinets. Item inventory can be fully automated by placing RFID labels on the items themselves or on the bins. Partner software sends automatic replenishment orders and forecasts to the supply chain.

Key results and benefits

  • No manual stock taking process but real-time insight into stock levels per room.
  • Improved staff efficiency via supply chain automation.
  • Reduce waste due to expired products.


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