Automated Scanning for Operating Rooms

Our partner Bexter uses automatic medical instrument scanning in Operating Rooms at, for instance, Amsterdam UMC and the CombiSter Hospital group. When combined with Intellifi Smartspots, their MediTracker software solution ensures seamless integration.

The Challenge of Operating Rooms

  • Are all medical instruments available for the patient?
  • Have all instruments recently been through the autoclave?
  • Are all materials and instruments within their shelf life?

Our Partner

Bexter MediTracker offers a software solution for managing patient safety in Operating Rooms. Bexter’s mission is to ensure control over critical assets, which means it is perfectly in keeping with the Intellifi platform.

The Solution

By using Intellifi Smartspots, the MediTracker software can monitor medical instruments and oversee the whole process – from the Operating Room, to the Central Sterilization Department and back to the preparation room.

Key results and benefits

  • Quality improvement via error reduction.
  • Improved security thanks to clear and easy process.
  • Reduced labor intensity improves efficiency.
  • Savings via real-time insight into supply and location.

MediTracker has exceeded our expectations concerning insight into our processes and has improved our efficiency enormously.

Amsterdam UMC


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