Smart Maintenance of Airplane Parts

KLM Engineering & Maintenance services the whole world from Schiphol (the Netherlands). They are responsible for KLM’s own fleet but also offer their services to other airlines. Maintenance is carried out in many different ways: at its own premises or at service stations around the world. This leads to a variety of complex processes.

The Challenge for Air France – KLM

  • How can packaging and operational costs be reduced?
  • How can spare parts be tracked and traced in the MRO chain?
  • How can efficiency in the logistical process be improved ?

Our Partner

Nefab created a complete packaging solution for maintenance, repair and overhaul activities. This reduced the number of items to around four hundred. Scoretrace software solutions answers the questions of “What”, “How” and “Where”, and the entire returnable packaging system was made traceable using Intellifi SMART solutions.

The Solution

Intellifi technology identifies packages and carriers in every step of the logistics chain – from packing manufacturer Nefab, to various stages in the warehouse, to the hangars at the airport.
The Intellifi solution (Brain) feeds the Warehouse Management Software of Scoretrace. The cloud-based system collects item-related information from various locations and allows users to work from all over the world.

Key results and benefits

  • Improved quality due to high location accuracy.
  • Lower searching costs and fewer missing items due to real-time insight.
  • Increased efficiency throughout the whole logistics chain

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The system gives workers all information mentioned in the paperwork, which results in quicker processes and thus cost savings

Jos de Kleine

Air France - KLM Engineering & Maintenance

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