Enable indoor IoT with Intellifi technology. An open platform for automated inventories and real-time tracking of items. Plug&play Smartspots, Smart ceiling tiles and the BRAIN web API help to make your life easier. Create faster project deliveries and a higher return on investment.

The Brain

Intellifi Brain delivers web-based information services and device management capabilities.
Brain-API allows real-time location information for items to be easily integrated into any business application.
The zone-based location service provides ultimate flexibility and scalability to support various purposes. Read more

Smartspots, Smart ceiling tiles and IoT gateways

Intellifi Smartspots allow indoor tracking and automatic inventories to be realized smarter and faster than ever before.
They combine powerful Rain RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy technology with web-based services.
The unique shape of Smartspot Tile & Focus allows effortless installation in standard ceiling systems.
Simplify deployment and dramatically reduce operating costs. Read more

Smart tags

Intellifi Smart sensor tags are Bluetooth Low Energy compliant.
The tags can be mounted on any device and support ranges from 30m (indoor) up to 100m (outdoor)
Smart sensor tags support ‘motion’ detection and ‘temperature’ measurement.
Together with Intellifi Smartspots, the Smarttags can be used as tags on assets or people when creating easy and affordable RTLS.


The Item_Tracker visualizes items on floor plans and shows real-time item movements or location-based inventories. The apps support URL-based requests from your application to display items in customer-specific views. Supports floor plans, tables and timelines.
There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Just integrate the white label Item_Tracker in your business application.



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