Smart Medical instrument tracking

How can I accelerate the process for counting and scanning medical instruments? How can I prove processes comply with regulations? How can I get a real-time insight into the availability and location of medical instruments?
Intellifi technology and Bexter’s user-friendly MediTracker applications offer added value to sterilization departments and OT staff.


Automatic scanning and track & trace possibilities for medical instruments offer many benefits
Intellifi technology makes automatic scanning possible. This saves time and improves quality and reliability. Intellifi technology and Bexter’s user-friendly MediTracker offer added value to many Operating Rooms and OR staff. This improves planning and insight, and ensures compliance with regulations.


  • Automatic scanning saves time and money by improving speed and efficiency of work
  • Insight into inventory and shelf life can further improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Improved quality due to error detection and full compliance of scan moments
  • A clear and simple process improves patient safety



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