Smart Industry

Track and trace in industy, by Intellifi, makes your life easier. Our tools help to connect your warehouse information with your production facility. We can assist you to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of your moving goods. We can supply the data and artificial intelligence needed to improve logistical flows.

Smart Forklifts Track and Trace

Forklift safety reinvented. Together with our partners, Intellifi offers smart forklifts that enables high productivity. And the cool thing is; you only require a relatively small investment on your existing forklifts!
Our solutions are compatible with forklifts by Toyota Material Handling, Jungheinrich and UniCarriers.

Smart Control of semi-finished products

Intellifi track and trace technology helps to improve your current processes by offer efficient localization tooling – directly inside your ERP or MRP planning tools. Intellifi allows you to reduce downtime, searching time and re-counting time, while allowing your staff to focus on process improvements, increased production and cost reduction.


Our Partners

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