Smart Healthcare

Healthcare management is facing many challenges, which are being driven by increasing demand for compliance, process improvement and cost efficiency. Intellifi technology and our partner applications help to make your life easier, whether you are involved in medical device or instrument management, inventory planning or patient logistics.

Smart Medical asset management

Where is the infusion pump? Has the bed already been cleaned? Is all required equipment already available in the operating theatre? How many wheelchairs are left in the storage room? Common questions for medical device managers and OT planners.
Intellifi Solutions can work with its partners to answers all these questions. Discover more!

Smart Inventory management

What’s the actual value of my inventory? Which products are expiring? Which quantities should I order? How can usage be linked to patients in EPS and ERP systems?
Common questions for hospital departments and logistical managers. Complete traceability helps to improve patient safety and offers huge cost savings. Discover more!

Smart Medical instrument tracking

How can I accelerate the process for counting and scanning medical instruments? How can I prove processes comply with regulations? How can I get a real-time insight into the availability and location of medical instruments?
Intellifi technology and Bexter’s user-friendly MediTracker applications offer added value to sterilization departments and OT staff. Discover more!

Smart Wandering detection

Wandering patients can leave their homes or nursing homes unnoticed and thus pose major risks to their health. They are often unable to find their way back and encounter many dangers. Intellifi – and its partner Daza Opticare – offers a unique and reliable solution that helps to prevent such incidents. Discover more!


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