Brain, track and trace software

Web-based information services. Real-time presence, status and location information on items. Zone-based localization services and device management. Easy integration into your business application via Brain API.

Item presence, status and location

The item collection in the Brain offers item-related information in real-time.
Keeping track of item presence, proximity and item location. This service supports items tagged by RAIN RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy and even barcodes collected by a handheld scanner.
This service shows the motion or temperature status of smart BLE items and sensors.

Location engine for zone-based localization

The location engine in the Brain determines the location of items.
The zone-based localization algorithm collects input from multiple Smartspots and maps items in zones of interest. No need for complex x, y, z, coordinate-based zone definitions.
This service administrates item movements and generates events that can trigger your business application.

Item sets & sense & control

Large businesses usually have various types of items. The Brain item set service helps you to group items together and perform actions. Item sets can be automatically distributed to Smartspots to support direct local action, e.g. for opening or closing a gate.

Track & trace

Brain provides a history of events with time stamps per item. For specific items, a history of movements can be obtained, showing a time schedule of locations where the item/people has been located.

Device management

Smartspots can be managed and monitored remotely using the Brain device management service. Whether Smartspots are distributed in a single building, multiple buildings, multiple cities or contents, Brain knows their status in real-time.
There’s no need for routers or IP networks; plug&play Smartspots automatically connect to Brain.


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