Intellifi – The smart choice for indoor IoT

Our platform philosophy involves eliminating complexity and creating simple and user-friendly solutions. This means our Indoor RFID BLE localization technology is truly easy to use!

Intellifi does things differently

The Intellifi platform helps you to manage your inventory and moving assets. Find them and understand how they are used. We have worked with our business partners to create tools and information that help to easily improve the efficiency, safety and quality of your activities.
We are Dutch engineers and are proud to develop our own, cutting edge hardware and software. Our carefully devised award-winning products enable smart applications for forward thinking businesses.

Intellifi Smart Technology

  • Indoor tracking – RFID and BLE technology – Cloud-connected and API-based
  • For hospitals, warehouses, manufacturers and offices
  • Dutch design and manufacturing, plug & play, remotely manageable, low cost of ownership

References & Partners

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