IoT system for Industry – critical asset information available real-time in your application. For business improvement!


IoT systems for Healthcare – critical asset information available real-time in your application. For better care! Join our IoT solutions.

System integrators

IoT made easy for System Integrators – all critical cloud-based asset information in your business application.

The smart choice for indoor IoT

Intellifi is the platform for creating indoor IoT (Internet of Things). With RFID & BLE we identify and localize millions of business-critical items every day for hospitals, warehouses, manufacturers and offices all around the world. This gives them a competitive advantage by improving quality, safety and efficiency.

Critical item

Your assets, instruments, tools, consumables, visitors or returnable transport items. These critical items determine the state of your business. You can spot them once they have been tagged.


Smartspots identify and locate critical items tagged by RAIN RFID or Bluetooth Low Energy. Collect presence, status and location-related data for critical items in your cloud. Read more…


Brain offers web-based information services and Smartspot device management. Use Brain API to receive real-time location information for items in your business application. Read more…


Your business application presents valuable insights about your business process. Based on Brain information services; collected by Smartspots and generated by the flow of your critical items.

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Our markets

Our market specialties can be found below:

Smart Industry

We can assist you to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of your moving goods. We can supply the data and artificial intelligence needed.

Smart Healthcare

Intellifi technology and our partner applications help to make your life easier, whether you are involved in medical device or instrument management…

Smart System integrators

We track & localize millions of business-critical items indoors and the only thing you need for implementation is an API!

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