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identification and localization

easy and affordable


Imagine you’re able to identify and localize people in and around your building, learn from their behavior and make your business more efficient.

Imagine you can manage your moving property, find it and understand how it is used.

Imagine you can do all this in one simple, user-friendly and affordable solution


At Intellifi this is exactly what we do and what we are good at. We do things different, that’s how we make indoor localization and identification products easy to use, affordable and simple to deploy.

We’re proud of developing our own hardware and software and by doing so we’re able to come up with well thought products enabling applications that nobody could think of 2 years ago.

We’re just accelerating and there is a lot more on its way

The Intellifi Concept

You can create identification and localization

solutions with unprecedented ease and flexibility


Build hotspot areas for identification and localization of people, products or assets.

Whether in offices, hospitals, shops or trucks.


The Brain

Offers powerful web services including presence, proximity, tracking & tracing and localization.

Based on open standards like JSON and OData for fast integration.

Your application

As a web savvy end-user, applications developer or integrator you can use Brain services in your applications.

Whether web apps or a native applications on PC, tablet or smartphone.

Intellifi technology helps people with everyday things to create more impressive experiences.

The people at Intellifi

We are a group of people that is passionate about making complex technology simple. Our goal is to create accessible identification and localization services in order to smarten up your business and make it more efficient.

Back in 2011 we started developing a new approach for indoor localization and identification that we call the Intellifi concept. This is the base for all the products we make and we have a very sharp focus on ease of use, low cost investments and simplicity. This is our golden rule to make it easy for you to benefit from this technology.

Our mission at Intellifi is to make indoor localization and identification products easy and affordable. By doing so we hope to create a better environment for you, your customers and all the people involved. Read all about them.

Intellifi Technology bridges RFID, Bluetooth and the Web

Smartspots use ultra high frequency signals for identification and localization. Our technology is based on our unique developments in antenna design, advanced signal processing and our open software services platform.

We use Wifi, Bluetooth and RFID technology in such a way that it figures out people instead of the other way around.

Using Semantic Web technology, the Intellifi Brain software does not only gather and store some data, it means that the system knows and understands the things that happen, how they relate and how to associate them.

The information gathered by the system becomes directly available to apps on smartphones or tablets, webpages and Office applications.

Experience it yourself.

  • Learn and develop

    decide on the concept that suits your application

  • Try and evaluate

    experience the benefits on a small scale

  • Deploy and benefit

    realize the full benefits throughout your business

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Keplerlaan 16
6716 BS  Ede
+31 85 888 4699

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